10 SEVENTEEN non-title tracks that could've been hit singles

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Time to dive into SEVENTEEN's discography with us!

SEVENTEEN have earned a reputation as hard-working idols who spend time self-producing their music and choreography. They’re known for incredibly catchy songs, as well as their captivating stage presence.

Their discography is pretty big too, with two studio albums, two reissues, a compilation album, seven EPs and 13 singles under their belt so far (there’s more coming on August 5 with new song “Hit” too).

There’s been plenty of No.1 singles too, but what about all those great album and EP tracks that don’t get a music video? Here’s some of the tracks we think would’ve been hit singles.

1. Fronting

2. Rock

3. Fast Pace

4. Swimming Fool

5. Crazy In Love

6. MY I

7. Flower

8. Moonwalker

9. Shhh

10. Rocket

Which SEVENTEEN song would you add to the list?


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