All seasons of 'Produce 101' under police investigation for speculated vote manipulation

SBS PopAsia HQ

The police announced their plans to investigate the shows in a press conference

Seoul police will be investigating all Produce 101 seasons on allegations of vote manipulation.

Fan speculation regarding the final votes began after X1‘s lineup was finalised in Produce X 101 in July, with some speculating that the text votes had been tampered with. The police began an investigation into the show, conducting search and seizures at CJ ENM offices to collect voting data, and begin questioning of staff members.

The police have now extended their investigation to all four seasons of Produce, which include Produce 101: Season 1 & 2 and Produce 48, to see if any unlawful practices took place in the seasons.

Police emphasised that the investigation is ongoing and that raw voting data and final trainee rankings can’t be revealed as of yet.



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