ATEEZ swim with the sharks in Australia

Lee Lee

The boys overcome their fears whilst Down Under!

K-pop group ATEEZ continue their Australian adventures in the latest instalment of ATEEZ Treasure Film.

Tasked with individual missions that test their limits, the boys do a variety of local activities that include an iconic Harbour Bridge climb and a swim with sharks in a Sydney aquarium.

Member San, who was tasked with diving into a tank full of sharks, psyched himself up beforehand by telling himself, “I’m not scared. I can do it!”

He eventually overcame his nerves at swimming with the sharks in such close proximity and even started doing underwater K-pop dance charades with fellow members Jongho and Yunho

Meanwhile, Seonghwa who has a fear of heights, was tasked with climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. With the moral support of fellow member Mingi, he was able to overcome his fear and make it to the top where he became in awe of the beautiful view.  

Love seeing the boys out and about, taking in the local sights and attractions! Check out the full video below for more.



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