B.I admits to some drug suspicions, booked as suspect

SBS PopAsia HQ

The former iKON member is being investigated for a 2016 incident

According to Korean news sources, former iKON leader B.I has admitted to some of the suspicions against him regarding his 2016 drug case, in recent police questioning.

B.I has now been booked as a suspect by police, after he admitted to some of the suspicions regarding him allegedly purchasing and using marijuana in 2016.

B.I was questioned by police for 14 hours, after which he briefly stated to the press outside: “I’m sorry for evoking criticism”.

The next step for his case will be forwarding it to the prosecution. In the meantime, YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk will be called in for questioning in an investigation regarding alleged intimidation of the informant who brought B.I’s alleged drug purchase to light.



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