Jeju Province to draw a blueprint for a blockchain hub city

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Jeju Special Self-Governing Provincial government has embarked on a research and consultation project to draw a blueprint for a global blockchain-centric hub city.

The research project will run from August 14 through December to chart out a plan to incubate Jeju Province-amenable blockchain service model, costing 170 million won in the outsourcing fee.

Spearheading the outsourcing project is Tillon Co., Ltd.

The Jeju Provincial government expects the research and consulting project to help map out a road map for carving out and implementing self-experiencing blockchain services.

Noh Hee Sup, general director with Jeju Provincial government said, “We are expecting this consultation project to help chart out a big picture for reinventing Jeju province as a hub city for blockchain businesses, which are key to the 4th Industrial Revolution.”