Poland Arrests 2, Including Huawei Employee, Accused of Spying for China

The Polish authorities have arrested a Chinese employee of Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications giant, and a Polish national, and charged them with spying for the Chinese government, officials said on Friday, amid a push by the United States and its allies to restrict the use of Chinese technology based on espionage fears.

The Huawei employee is head of the company’s sales in Poland, officials said; the other person arrested works for the French telecommunications company Orange. Both men pleaded not guilty and have refused to answer questions, the state television broadcaster, TYP, reported.

Western intelligence agencies have repeatedly raised concerns that products made by Huawei and other Chinese companies, particularly cellphones and telecommunications equipment, have been designed to enable spying by Chinese intelligence.

Huawei has been a leading contender to build the next-generation mobile networks in Europe and other parts of the world, but its expansion plans have repeatedly been hampered by Western security concerns.

On Tuesday, Polish law enforcement officers raided the homes and offices of the two people arrested. The authorities then had to wait two days to obtain arrest warrants, a standard delay in Poland.